Who wouldn’t want a sign that tells you to do what you love? (EAT).

Materials used:

  • Rope
  • Screws
  • Hooks
  • Tin letters
  • An old piece of wood (in this case, a shingle and an old piece of wood)


During a flea market splurge, I scored these awesome tin letters! The man who makes these letters irons them on a washboard in order to get that cool curved look. I love all of the different colors mixed into the letters, so much character!

Another cool find that I stumbled upon at the market were some old cedar shingles. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned these shingles before but holy cow, am I in love. I bought 10 shingles that were carefully removed from 1900’s house. Each of them faded with blue paint on top of beautifully weathered wood.

So here I am, trying to dream up how to combine these two gold mines. The shingles are too thin to stand on their own as a sign, so I knew that they needed some support. As a true believer in making old new again, I didn’t want to go and buy any fresh piece of wood. Silly, right? So as I’m on a jog (so athletic, I know).. I pass this old dresser that’s sitting on the curb. Then the next day I drive by that same curb and the dresser is still there! I take that as a sign and I pull over and take the dresser.

I get that thing home and I saw it into a bunch of weird shapes that kind of replicate rectangles. I then mounted the shingle onto one of those weird dresser pieces of wood with my electric drill and some screws. I tied the rope to some hooks on the sides. I then screwed in those 3 special letters: E A T.

instagram: @novo_designsco